Has Ash frightened Denny away?

Ash invites Denny to a surfing date, but she declines as it brings back memories of Casey, so Zac advises her to not let the past get in the way of her future. Meanwhile, Ricky agrees to stop giving Ash a hard time about his relationship with Denny, but warns him not to screw up. When Ash and Denny get into the water, Denny panics and runs away.

Irene tries to convince Sasha not to throw her life away for a teenage relationship, even if she’s in love. Sasha bumps into Denny who is reminiscing about Casey and she realises it’s time move forward with her life, telling Matt things are over.

VJ is making Zac’s life a misery after getting suspended. He tries to get Nate on side, but Nate tells him to grow up and stop blaming other people for his mistakes. VJ knows Zac is right and apologises and VJ suggests he stays with his grandma for a few days so he can visit Leah.