Has Ash killed Ravi?

Ravi is angry when Loretta innocently confesses that she and Ash were having a laugh together and he scares her with the strength of his fury. Ravi backs off, but later tells Kris that he’s arranging another fight. Kris is frantic and gathers Ravi’s family to crash the fight and stop him. The fight is called off and Ravi is livid and in desperation provokes Ash, who snaps and punches him, and Ravi falls to the ground…

Theresa has starts her A levels and expects to be head cheerleader now that Carmel is the cheerleading coach, although Lauren is scathing. Carmel tries to teach the wannabe cheerleaders a basic routine but they’re all rubbish, including Theresa. Lauren turns up and outshines everyone with her routine, much to Theresa’s annoyance. Carmel asks Lauren to be head cheerleader and Lauren delights in turning her down.

Bonnie phones Elliot to tell him that he’s featured in a physics magazine and he and Leila head off to try to find a shop that sells it. Leila raises the subject of Gareth but Elliot doesn’t want to talk about his dad. Leila tries to push Elliot into talking about his feelings but instead he tells her that she’s to blame for his recent family upset.

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