Has Ashley’s God forsaken him?

*Hour-long episode*

Ashley would love a roof over his head, a hot meal and some happy time with his children. What he gets is a sandwich that he steals from David’s shop, an awkward hug with Gabby in the middle of the street that scares the little girl and, at the end of a terrible day, a shop doorway in Hotten to sleep in. Alone on the streets, Ashley puts his trust in a girl who saves him from being robbed. At last, he has a friend, he thinks. But he doesn’t. The girl betrays him, nicking off with the few possessions Ashley has left.

Jai’s not sure he can trust Rachel to keep her mouth shut, so he offers her money. Wrong move! Rachel’s furious. Does Jai think she’s a prostitute? Well… No, he doesn’t, but he loves Charity and doesn’t want her to know how utterly, incomprehensibly and monumentally stupid he has been. Rachel offers to quit her cleaning job at the factory but Jai says it’s not necessary. Really? Meanwhile, Charity makes Jai feel even more guilty when she apologises for not wanting another baby and he assures her he’s glad he has her and Noah.

Nicola’s continuing to feel good about having Elliot around – and the little lad likes her. Then Kelly phones…