Has Ayesha finally given up on Bren?

Ayesha finds Bren at home and persuades her to come to the panel meeting otherwise they will take Sierra into care. The panel concludes that Bren is unfit to look after Sierra and eventually Ayesha suggests a solution… that she should take Sierra and live with her. The panel accepts Ayesha’s suggestion and Andy says he will find them a place in a hostel.

Valerie is desperate to find a hairdresser and ends up at a barbers’ shop run by Faisal. Valerie is delighted with the results but Faisal’s wife, Tarzeem, makes Faisal promise that he won’t do any more ladies’ hair.

Valerie brings Karen to the shop and a furious Tarzeem sprays Valerie with a hose. After Tarzeem has left, Valerie and Karen help Faisal understand that it’s wrong for his wife to stop him doing what he loves and he decides to stand up to her.

Later, Karen is discussing plans for her new wedding, and Valerie’s envious. Karen tells Rob she wants him to arrange the wedding as she doesn’t want to force her ideas on to him. But Rob is mortified!