Ayesha tells Bren that Ike is bad for her but her mother says that it’s not Ike who should go, it’s Ayesha. Later, Ayesha finds a note from Bren. She is fed up with Ayesha’s interfering and she and Ike have gone away. Ayesha is crushed and all alone.

Al sets up a program for Karen to put £300 on the market going down today. Luckily, the market does what she bet and comes out £10,000 on top! But then Al reveals he only set up a practice account for her…

Counsellor, Esther arrives home to find one of her patients, Tommy, in bed with her daughter, Sarah. Esther tells Sarah that Tommy has an STI and asks her to go see Daniel. Later, Tommy admits he doesn’t have an STI, he just wanted to get back at Esther because his dad ran off with his secretary after a session with Esther.

Also, Valerie comes in after her final chemotherapy and nearly admits she’s struggling emotionally.