Has Ayesha met her match?

Ayesha goes on a blind date and meets Dylan, who explains that he suffers from extreme déjà vu. She appreciates that, but she came for a date, not to see a patient. But when he falls over and she goes into Nurse mode, Dylan convinces her to have one more drink. Later, he agrees to go and see his GP, and the pair later have a good night kiss

Heston sets up his vlog in the kitchen, puts his blindfold on and tastes various wines. He manages to put the blog up online and when people start watching it, he begins to get excited.

Karen arrives home and is furious at Rob for bringing a wanted criminal into their house, but Andy reassures Karen that he didn’t ask Rob to help him escape. Andy talks about their youth but Karen says Rob is an idiot for still thinking he owes Andy all these years later. Karen puts new dressings on Andy’s wrists, while Rob tells her he owes all his life to Andy.