Has Barry met his dream woman?

Barry reminds Howard that he’d promised they’d go for a pint a year ago! At the pub, they notice a group of people in medieval dress, which sets Barry off talking about military history. An attractive lady, Matilda, sits nearby and listens in with interest. Howard asks if she’d like to join them and she’s quickly under Barry’s spell. Matilda explains that she’s with a battle re-enactment group and invites Barry to join them tomorrow – and it takes a kick from Howard to make him accept.

Meanwhile, Jimmi is concerned for his Goddaughter, Isla, who was born with a hole in the heart. When he calls to tell her she has an appointment with the cardiologist at 4pm today, he can’t get through and soon realises she’s missing…

Also, Rob is at the station awaiting the arrival of an ex-con, the notorious ex-girlfriend of sex offender, Darren Cole.

And Kevin nags Heston about whether he has booked an appointment with the neurologist.