As Roy and Hayley finish packing Hope’s things so they can take her to Fiz, they’re confused to find that Becky and the baby are no longer in the flat. When they find they aren’t in the cafe either they start to worry that Becky has run off with Hope. Roy wants to call the police, but angry with herself for not seeing the signs, Hayley insists they look for Becky themselves. Meanwhile in prison, Fiz feels threatened as Ginny tells her she won’t be safe, not even in the mother and baby unit.

Kylie’s spent all night at the pub with Eva. Turning up for work at the salon she lays into Gail and Audrey who presume she slept with one of the lads. Wounded as David’s forgotten her birthday Kylie bites back and Audrey sacks her on the spot! But as she drowns her sorrows in town with Eva she spots Marc dressed as Marcia. Getting her phone out she films the evidence.

Dr Carter calls into the Rovers with flowers and asks Tina out, much to Tommy’s dismay.

Also, Katy gets her exam results while Chesney worries about paying the bills.