Has Belle gone off Dr Bailey?

*Second episode*

Now Belle knows he’s married, Dr Bailey isn’t sure whether she’ll still be interested in him. Can he talk Belle round and get her to continue with their steamy secret sessions?

Zak, too, is having love issues. He’s been eaten up with jealousy over Joanie’s friendship with Rishi – so, knowing she’s a flirt, he wonders whether he can cope with that in the long-term.

Bernice is stunned when Chrissie tells her Lawrence was behind the attack on Andy. Bernice then finds Lawrence on the floor unconscious and calls an ambulance!

Chrissie continues to try to trace her biological dad. Coming across an old letter from Ronnie Hale, she wonders if he could be her dad and starts trying to get some background on him on the web…

Having been boozing with Gabby at the pavilion, Jacob gives the game away when he stumbles in while Ashley soon smells alcohol on his daughter. David’s upset to see Jacob in a state and realises the teen is suffering way more than he realised.

Megan doesn’t want to know when Harriet recommends a mother and baby group – yet she does want to talk the vicar about getting Eliza christened.