Has Belle killed Gemma? (VIDEO)

Belle doesn’t mean to hurt Gemma, but she does – badly. They fight over Sean – again – and Belle pushes her friend. Gemma falls and hits her head. It’s OK, though, as she gets up and walks off in a huff. Except it isn’t OK. The blow to Gemma’s head is more serious than either girl realised and, all alone in the dark, Gemma collapses and lays unconscious. Belle has no idea Gemma’s in trouble – and neither has Dom. He thinks his daughter is with Belle and he’s happily getting hot and heavy with vicar Harriet.

Declan does not want Jail getting up close and personal with Megan and him to leave her alone. Then he tells Megan that he’s told Jai to back off. If he thinks she’ll like his big brother act he’s wrong. Megan gets a bottle of wine and gets herself straight around to Jai’s house.

Chas talks straight to Debbie and tells her it’s time for her to start dating again. Killer Cameron is history and she should move on. Hmmmm, it’s pretty slim pickings in the village, though…