Alicia and Priya tease Bernice when they find out she’s cooking a meal for Lawrence. She may have more than a friendly interest in him, but there’s still the issue of whether or not he is gay! Later on, a tipsy Bernice misreads the signals when Lawrence goes to give her a peck on the cheek and she goes in for a full-on snog!


Kirin can’t see himself going to university, but it seems he can see himself as the next Lord Sugar when he comes up with a business idea. The lightbulb moment comes when Belle offers him a tot of her Granny Clegg’s cordial. But as they chat about how to market the drink, Vanessa is jealous to see them getting on so well and Rakesh is devastated to realise that his son still has no interest in going to uni…


Events at the factory have put Rachel in a foul mood so she takes her anger out on Sam, hitting him hard in the ribs. But she soon regrets it when Sam leaves, taking Samson with him. Meanwhile, Bob realises he doesn’t have any choice in the matter when Ged wants to exploit his friendship with Harriet.