Has Big Mac made a fatal error?

It’s porter Big Mac’s first day back at work since his heart attack and he’s eager to be useful again. When an elderly Alzheimer’s patient, Rachel, goes missing from the ED, Big Mac is pleased to be able to find her and calm her with a friendly chat over a cup of tea in his office, explaining to the docs that his own mum had Alzheimer’s.

Rachel suddenly deteriorates, however, and when Lloyd reports to Dylan that he saw hazardous cleaning chemicals left out in Big Mac’s office, it looks like Rachel may have taken a swig! Dylan publicly tears Big Mac off a strip for endangering a patient…

Later, it turns out Dylan is mistaken and he’s forced to make a rare apology!

Elsewhere, Zoe finds her role as Clinical Lead daunting. She attempts to get used to the administrative side of her new role, but when a young girl (Ruby) is brought into the ED following a car crash and covered in scars from old injuries, Zoe spots an opportunity to do what she loves and misses – treating patients.