Has Billy blown it with Honey?

Honey Mitchell makes a discovery that forces her to question Billy's loyalty and their relationship

Honey Mitchell shows Roxy the drugs she found to confirm her suspicions about Jay. Worried, Honey tries to get hold of Billy, but first talks to Pam. Concerned for Honey, Pam tells her that she and Billy need to put on a united front. After Roxy warns Billy and Jay that Honey has found the drugs, further truths come to light and Honey kicks out Jay and Billy!

Ian puts Kathy on the spot over what he saw on the CCTV tape, prompting Jane to have words with Kathy.

The Carters turn up at Tina and Sonia’s for a family dinner. Tina is delayed when she’s approached by an angry Martin, who has a go at her for leaving Sonia doing all the work looking after Sylvie. With an uncomfortable atmosphere at the dinner, the family agree to head to the Vic for a drink. Martin tells Tina that she doesn’t deserve Sonia.

Also, Shakil drops a bombshell on Bex.