Carmel bursts in to Cincerity with the news that they’ve lost their venue. She’s horrified to learn of Jacqui’s blackmail and confides to Myra how upset she is that Cindy isn’t truly in love.

Jacqui thinks she’s saved the day by securing the SU as a venue. But Blanche tells Alistair that Cindy is a gold-digger. Cindy’s incensed by her accusations and gives Alistair an ultimatum: it’s me or her! Blanche reveals Myra and Carmel, who reveal the truth about the blackmail. Cindy has one last shot at saving the wedding.

Gilly looks at Gilly’s wedding plans, and can’t hide her horror at his Manchester City themed arrangements. Gilly admits it’s all a joke. Frankie was certain that her curiosity would get the better of her, but Gilly bet her that Steph wouldn’t look. Steph feels awful that she’s let him down, so when he tells her where to find the real plans, she decides that she’s happy to wait for the surprise.

Also; Leanne’s embarrassed when Kevin and Elliot catch her in the nude! Later, Leanne returns to halls and is horrified to discover that Elliot and Kevin have ruined her dress, but the last straw comes when she learns that they’ve taken apart her sewing machine for the beacon.

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