Has Bobby gone too far?

Ian looks forward to the Christmas Tree light switch-on. All is not well at the Beales’, however, as Bobby is still furious that he’s being made to move rooms. When Bobby gets home from school, he assumes Kathy and Jane are at the light switch-on, moving his things back into his old room. When Jane catches him, she is furious, grabbing a box of Kathy’s belongings. Bobby pushes Jane down the stairs…

Kim and Vincent have a heart-to-heart, prompting Vincent to agree that he’ll celebrate Christmas with the family. Unable to wait to see what Vincent has got her for Christmas, Kim goes on a present hunt. She’s horrified when she opens a package only to find a block of cocaine!

Carmel confronts Kush and Stacey about their baby secret, insisting they tell Martin and Shabnam the truth. Kush is about to confess all to his wife when Shabnam breaks down, revealing she went to the doctor about her missed periods. Agreeing that Shabnam is in no state to hear the truth now, Carmel agrees to back off, but tells Stacey that she and Kush will want to be part of the baby’s life.

Also, Babe bickers with Cora, but decides to be less harsh when Nancy reminds her that Cora has nothing.