Has Brax turned himself in?

Sick with guilt, Brax confesses to Ricky that, as a teenager, he accidentally killed Johnny Barrett. Johnny had been threatening the Braxtons while Danny was in jail, and a young Brax had to step up. Brax went to Adam for help in getting rid of the evidence. Now Brax’s interest in Josh is explained – it’s linked to his father’s death.

Brax decides to tell the boys his secret. He asks Tamara to leave, and she’s slightly miffed. Casey, Heath and Kyle listen as Brax reveals that he killed Johnny Barrett. Later, Tamara makes light of being kicked out of the meeting, and Kyle snaps at her – she’s not family. Suddenly, the police arrive. Brax has turned himself in.

Oscar blames Zac and Hannah over Evie returning to the cult and tells Hannah he’s afraid of what will happen to Evelyn at the Discovery Weekend. Zac asks Oscar to stop pushing him away. Hannah, concerned about Evelyn’s wellbeing, contacts Ethan.

Bianca is needed at an education crises meeting and has to leave for a short time. Before she goes, she tells Heath his old high school, Mangrove River High, has burnt down.

Roo is beside herself with worry since Maddy took off. Alf is concerned, but doesn’t react well when Roo blames him for being so harsh.