Has Bren lost Ayesha for good?

A drunk Bren shows up at the Mill, but when Ayesha has to explain why Bren doesn’t have access any more, she becomes angry and abusive. Barry is called on but not before Bren slaps and ultimately rejects her daughter. Emma consoles her – but Ayesha feels she has lost her mother forever.

An elderly woman, Laura, is brought into the station. Her short memory is gone and Rob assumes it’s Alzheimer’s. Eventually, Rob finds her house and on arrival discovers Laura’s daughter dead in her bed. Laura doesn’t have Alzheimer’s at all, but went into a state of shock following the discovery of her daughter.

Nick Reynolds comes to talk to Howard about making a documentary about practice managers for television. But Howard doesn’t trust him and demands a level of editorial control. Nick cedes this to him and drops a bombshell – it’s happening tomorrow! Howard spends the rest of his day regretting his decision.