Brendan is convinced that he has persuaded Ste that Noah is a lost cause, but he is in for a shock. His plan backfires when Ste makes a big decision about his relationship and he decides to move to Newcastle with Noah. Ste knows he can make their relationship work so Brendan decides to up his game.

Penniless, Bart and Sinead search for jobs and somewhere new to live, desperate to continue their romantic adventure but the cracks are beginning to show between them. Bart is distracted as he secretly worries about Myra and his cousin’s, while Sinead struggles with living on the poverty line, used to having everything given to her on a plate.

Ruby is thrilled to learn that Frankie has hired Pete to tutor her during the summer holidays.

Also, Seth struggles to impress Ruby. But she has other things on her mind and continues to dismiss him no matter how much he tries.

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