Sonya comes round to check on Brennan and a glimpse of the evidence he has collected against Sienna sparks her concern so she goes to Matt. When Sienna arrives back, Brennan presents her with the note and accuses her of being Kate’s murderer. Matt arrives, and hearing raised voices, disrupts the interrogation. Sienna’s taken into custody while Brennan’s accusation is investigated.

When Brennan sees how shattered Sienna is, he questions whether he was right and has an emotional meltdown. Sonya finds him and once again puts Toadie second to her need to comfort someone.

Naomi stresses about what Paul could possibly have in store for her regarding the money she owes him for the painting. When Toadie reassures her there’s no way he’ll allow Paul to take advantage of her, Naomi convinces Toadie to take her to a fancy restaurant when Sonya cancels.

Amber’s unsettled by the spark she shared with Daniel, so when he invites her to help him develop his photos, she’s hesitant. But Daniel’s enthusiasm is contagious and she soon finds herself having another moment with him. Troubled, she tries to talk to Imogen about it. She’s thrown when her friend presents her own theory – that Imogen’s the one Daniel has a crush on.