Bianca’s wedding day dawns and she hopes no more dramas will spoil her big day. Then she intercepts a text from Heath intended for April. She’s horrified and, in her wedding dress, she dashes off to angrily confront Heath. She bans him from her wedding and warns him to stay away from her sister. But the paparazzo is lying in wait and snaps away as the pair argue. Bianca demands Heath drive them away from the photographer. They lose their tail, but Heath gets a flat tyre. Will the bride miss her own wedding?

Police investigate the dead body found in the caravan park and manage to identify him… it’s Stu Henderson – Sasha’s violent ex. Dennis admits he found the body at the Resort site but moved it. The site is declared a crime scene and consequently shut down. The police begin to look elsewhere for answers about Stu’s death and question Sid. Could he really be involved?

Liam is at the ceremony waiting for his fiancée. Just as he thinks he’s been jilted, Bianca arrives and the wedding goes ahead.