Has Cain left Moira?

The truth is finally out: Moira slept with James and James is Adam’s father. Now Moira has to face everyone – and she’s doing it alone. Bitter and betrayed, Cain’s disappeared. Debbie and Chas are going to look for him, but they won’t take Moira with them. If Moira thought that marrying Cain made her one of the Dingles, she’s wrong – and Debbie wastes no time letting her know. Oh, and just to add to Moira’s misery, Adam doesn’t want to know her, either.

Megan’s gone right off Jai since he chose Leyla over her as his new investor. Jai tells Megan he chose to invest with Leyla because he didn’t want to mix business with pleasure. But it turns out Jai expects Leyla to mix her investment with her job on the factory floor and she’s not giving him money for that. So she takes her cash and walks out.

Diane walks in on Andy and Bernice kissing… That’s not something she expected to see, but she’d better get used to it because, after all the secret liaisons, her daughter and stepson are now officially boyfriend and girlfriend.