Has Carla hit rock bottom?

Michelle tells Carla that Roy’s worried about her and suggests a shopping spree to cheer her up. But emptying the petty cash tin, Carla cancels her shopping trip and heads to the casino, where she gambles all her chips and loses the lot. Returning home, she vents her anger to Roy and Cathy and says some things she shouldn’t.

When Liz quizzes Dan about Leanne, having heard about their altercation, he lies, making out he hasn’t seen her. Still suspicious Liz calls in the bistro where she asks Leanne how she and Dan know each other – and unable to lie any longer, Leanne spills the beans.

Ken’s taken aback and is worried that Tracy is burying her grief when she cleans the kitchen and announces she’s going to bake a cake.

Nick assures Leanne that Simon’s just lashing out because he’s upset about his Grandma and Peter’s departure. So she masks her concerns as Simon continues to verbally abuse her at home.