Rob goes to Carla’s flat to tell her of his suspicions, but finds her doubled over in pain on the floor. On the way to the hospital Carla spots Peter and watched by a suspicious Tina, makes Rob stop the car so he can join them. Worried about the baby and his sister, Rob agrees to keep his suspicions to himself… for now.

Steph returns home unexpectedly while Tina is packing and is astounded to learn that Tina and Peter are leaving together tomorrow. Tina calls Peter and insists they leave tomorrow, but Peter is reeling from Carla’s collapse.

Kirk tells a broken Maria to visit their parents in Cyprus. But Fiz and Tyrone are still debating whether to drop the charges and allow Maria to escape her demons.

Also, Tracy goads Tina into an aggressive argument in the Rovers; Tony agrees to let Tracy drive the stolen goods alone without Rob knowing, but it will be the night of her engagement party; and Kal and Leanne kiss passionately and agree to tell Nick about their relationship.