Has Carla ruined the wedding?

Carla still hasn’t heard from Liam following her revelations the previous night and on the morning of the wedding she is unsure whether Liam will still go through with the wedding. Carla dresses to kill in a scarlet dress and is determined to outdo the bride. When Tony arrives to pick her up, she vents her frustration and finishes with him.

Maria is still at Audrey’s, but she is subdued after witnessing Carla kissing Liam and she breaks down on Fiz and confesses her concerns. Meanwhile, Liam waits for Maria at the wedding venue and as the time ticks by, he begins to think he’s been jilted.

Audrey persuades Maria into the car and reassures her that Liam loves her. But when Maria finally arrives at the hotel her nerves return and she refuses to get out of the car. Liam rushes out to see what is going on and he’s stunned when Maria insists she can’t marry him!

Also, Michelle is proud of Ryan when he’s the model best man and she apologises for the recent disruptions and insists that she will always put him first.

*Second episode, 8.30pm*

Maria is in a terrible state and still refusing to get out of the car, despite Liam’s pleas. Liam gets in with her and he’s stunned when Maria admits that Carla is a constant nagging presence in their relationship and she can’t commit to getting wed if Liam has feelings for Carla.

Liam reassures Maria that she is the woman he loves and wants to marry and Maria is won over. Liam takes his place and as Maria walks down the aisle towards him, Liam only has eyes for his bride. Carla, meanwhile, is seething. When the reception gets into full swing, Maria bumps into Carla in the toilets and smugly points out that she’s got her man. Carla congratulates her, but as Maria leaves her facade fades and she leaves the wedding alone…

Ryan is nervous about giving his best man speech, but he’s about to be left speechless when Alex turns up at the wedding! Ryan stops mid-flow and Michelle and Steve are horrified when they see Alex. Michelle tries to usher Alex out of the wedding, while Liam encourages Ryan to finish the speech. Michelle is furious when Alex grabs her mum Helen and introduces himself as her ‘real grandson’!