As Peter admits that at 46 he needs to think before trying for another baby, Leanne is devastated. All over the place, she insists their marriage isn’t going to work and crushed she orders Peter out. Arriving home it’s Stella who’s there to pick up the pieces, while back on the street Peter turns to Carla. Feeling awful about the things he said to Leanne, Peter questions what sort of man he is. Insisting she still loves him, Carla kisses Peter.

As Marcus takes Dylan for his test shots Sean’s still put out. At work he refuses to let it lie and, claiming he feels sick, he rushes off to Freshco. But when he sees Marcus in front of the lens with his son he feels even more marginalised.

Hearing that Jerry’s dropped the price of the house then accepted an offer Anna prepares to tell Faye they’re moving. But as she struggles to find the words Owen arrives and floors her with some news of his own. He’s her new landlord!

Also, James is on the edge as he waits for news of his loan in the post; Meanwhile, Kevin reveals the police have found Rob and Janet.

*Second Episode, 8.30pm*

As Peter comes to his senses and pulls away from Carla he feels awful about what he’s done. Carla accepts it was bad timing, but assures Peter she’s there for him when he’s ready. A shellshocked Peter is alone at the flat when Ken confronts him about the rift in his marriage. As he urges him not to give up, Peter’s uncertainty sets alarm bells off for Ken, who asks if there’s another woman. Without preaching Ken advises his son to think carefully. Deep in thought Peter arrives at Underworld before heading to the hospital with news for Carla and Leanne.

As Anna reels, Owen reveals he’s her new landlord. Anna thanks him profusely, but while Owen makes it clear this is purely an investment for him we sense he’s enjoying the affection. It’s clear things are warming up between the pair.

When Kevin confronts James, telling him the police have caught up with Rob and Janet, he’s rattled. Back at the Barlows he reveals he’s leaving in the morning as it’s clear Tracy doesn’t want him there, but Ken tries to stop him.

Also, Gary tells Izzy he has a surprise for her; the photographer refuses to replace Marcus with Sean.