Charlie is taken to hospital with the gunshot wound but luckily is discharged as it’s only a minor injury. She doubts whether they can pin the shooting on Hammer, as he reported his car stolen to the police and has an alibi.

Hammer confronts Brax and demands his territory in exchange for no further bloodshed. Brax gets hold of a gun – he’s determined to deal with Hammer once and for all. Brax’s troubles deepen when he learns Casey was expelled from school for carrying a knife as protection. He’s furious and demands Casey stays out of the gang war and lets him handle it.

Charlie too is worried for Ruby’s safety and tells her to stay away from the Braxtons. Ruby quickly agrees, knowing it should be an easy task since her and Casey are on bad terms.

Irene goes in for her breast cancer surgery with Bianca by her side for support. The procedure goes well, but Sid tells her she’ll need chemotherapy.

Heath is out of his depth, looking after a grieving and detached Darcy for the day. When Bianca comes along and helps him out, it brings them closer together… adding to Liam’s heartache.