Cherry has had an appointment booked at an exclusive wedding dress boutique for months – and the day has finally arrived. So when Cherry hears that her mum has food poisoning she tries everything she can to change the appointment, but it’s no use – these appointments are like gold dust and there won’t be another for months.

Cherry struggles to get someone to go with her; her friends are not available and Julia and Karen can’t go either. In the end, Freya steps up and offers to come and contrary to Cherry’s expectations Freya is great! After trying on some hideous dresses Cherry steps out from behind the curtain looking very beautiful – could this be the one?!

Heston and Marina’s first morning together starts with a few hitches, but they’re able to laugh at each other’s flaws. Heston then has a hell of a day at work and Julia is on his case to step up to his responsibilities as a partner. So it’s an absolute delight for Heston to come home to Marina and a home-cooked meal.

Also, Imogen unwittingly becomes the prize in a university club initiation ceremony.