Daniel has tickets for an exclusive restaurant opening and invites Zara, but when Zara decides to spend the evening with her cousin Harriet, Daniel asks Jimmi instead.

As Simon gently warns Cherry that she should get over her Jimmi obsession, Zara gets some extra tickets for the restaurant so that she, Daniel, Harriet and Jimmi can double date.

Cherry plucks up the courage to ask Jimmi for a drink, but he then explains that he has a date. At the end of the day, a gutted Cherry sees gorgeous Harriet greeting Jimmi in the car park and is convinced that’s it.

Meanwhile, Ruth confesses to Julia that she dealt with Mr Galliflakis the previous day, telling him that she was Julia’s deputy. Julia says Ruth saved the day and it’s clearly time for her career to start moving on.

Also, Immie takes Gaz to an open mic comedy gig but is appalled at their treatment by the compere – and even more bemused by the real reason behind it!

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