Has Chris fallen for Indi?

Chris invites Indi for dinner, but it’s clear Indi only wants one thing from him. Roo spots the pair and flags the fact that Indi is married, but Chris tells her that he’s never felt this way about a girl before. Roo warns Indi that Chris might actually be falling for her, but Indi says they’re just having fun. Roo discusses the situation with Harvey, who thinks it might do Chris some good to get his heart broken. When they meet for dinner Indi cottons onto the fact that Chris wants more than a fling and suggests that they call it a night.

Assuming that Brax transferred the 100K to Connie to keep Darcy away from him, Heath punches him. Meanwhile, Kyle asks Brax about the money and Brax is furious that Kyle didn’t tell him about it earlier. Heath doesn’t believe Brax didn’t transfer the money and thinks he never wanted him to have custody of Darcy.

Bianca is worried about Heath and Irene offers for him to move in until things blow over. Suspecting that there could be more to this accidental funds transfer, Kyle calls Ricky who tells him that Brax transferred the money.

April and Dex are loved up, but April is still haunted by his past fling with Steph.