Has Chris framed Lloyd?

Chris pays Billy for doing his dirty work and burgling Janice’s flat. Meanwhile, the police question Janice about the break-in, asking which cab firm she used to get to the airport. She confirms it was Streetcars and Lloyd’s horrified as the police make it clear they suspect him of burgling the flat. It seems Chris’s plan is coming together.

Eileen feels guiltier than ever as Owen makes a start on her roof. She’s desperate to transfer the 10,000 pounds from her account to Owen’s, but the cheque hasn’t cleared yet. Meanwhile, when Owen tries to buy Izzy a birthday present he’s shocked when his bank card is declined and he’s embarrassed in public.

John seems preoccupied and Fiz is forced to make the daily trip to visit Hope alone. When she returns she finds John cowering terrified in the kitchen. He starts to tell her the truth about Joy’s death and the part he played in it, leaving Fiz worried about his state of mind.

Also, Janice is scared in her own home and can’t face going back to the flat. She’s grateful when Leanne tells her to make herself at home with them; Ciaran and Michelle realise they’ve both been pig-headed and admit they do love each other. But with Ciaran set to leave for three months Michelle decides to go with him.

*Second episode, 8.30pm*

Eileen’s life is in tatters as Owen vows revenge. He puts on a fake smile and invites Eileen for a drink telling her he wants to thank her for all her hard work. But he turns on Eileen as he tells her he knows she’s stolen 10,000 pounds from him. In a panic Eileen assures him she only borrowed the money and intends to repay him, but Owen’s no fool and threatens a terrified Eileen with the police.

John is on the verge of a complete breakdown. Worried by John’s seemingly senseless ramblings Fiz asks Dr Carter to visit and get some sense out of him. The medic wastes no time in having John admitted to a psychiatric ward leaving Fiz devastated and alone.

A delighted Eddie and Anna meet Faye, their foster child, for the first time. Meanwhile, Gary’s depressed as he explains to Izzy how being wrongly arrested and thrown in a police van brought back his claustrophobia.

Elsewhere, Chris puts his plan to frame Lloyd into action. He plants a hold-all of Janice‘s belongings in the boot of Lloyd’s taxi and waits for it to be discovered. Peter’s unimpressed to find Janice still living in his flat.

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