Darren receives a hostile reception after hearing that he’s the only person Holly will speak to now she’s out of her coma. With the atmosphere between mother and daughter strained, Holly finally admits that she didn’t want to be at home any more and Cindy realises she’s neglected her own daughter.

Calvin’s on his way to pay Spencer a visit when he bumps into Theresa. Their attraction is obvious, but both are quick to play down their night of passion. Meanwhile, Spencer’s confused as to why he’s being questioned and struggles to defend himself. Outside the station, Calvin persuades Cindy to leave Spencer to the police. Cracking and under pressure, Spencer finally crumbles.

Kris discovers that mentoring isn’t as easy as he initially thought. He receives a baptism of fire from a hateful Lauren, and is left humiliated when Nancy steps in to take control. Lauren is shocked as Anita accuses Gaz of being racist towards her, and goes to confront him.

Also; Duncan persuades Jen to coach him one to one in martial arts, but he finds himself flat on his back. An amused Darren takes him under his wing and is soon relaying the art of seduction; Carmel has a very important question for Calvin.

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