Has Cindy uncovered Sinead’s affair?

Sinead is shocked when Cindy confronts her about the affair, not realising she thinks she’s sleeping with Rhys not Tony. In Cindy’s head, Rhys confirms Cindy’s suspicions about Sinead and tells her that she’ll be stuck with Dirk if he adopts Hilton. When the social worker arrives, Cindy makes it clear that she doesn’t want Dirk to adopt her baby and breaks up with him. In The Hutch, Tony and Sinead kiss passionately; unaware that Cindy has sneaked in and seen them.

Elsewhere, Ste turns up at College Coffee in his hospital gown and tells John Paul that he didn’t mean to harm himself and he wants them to be together…

Grace is stunned when Trevor makes a heartfelt confession and tells her he wants her to be the mother of his children.