Has Claire been pushed to the edge?

Claire assures Ashley that she knew what she was saying when she mentioned the vasectomy and hasn’t changed her mind. Back at home Ashley gets a call from the hospital saying Claire has gone missing. Fearing the worst he races to the hospital, but as he arrives he spots Claire on the roof. Convinced she is about to do something silly he heads to the roof and tries to talk her down!

Maria seeks sanctuary at Underworld and complains to Tony about her problems with Helen and Barry. Tony waits till they go out for lunch and visits Maria with a takeaway. Feeling braver Maria tells Helen the baby will be christened, but not as a Catholic. Helen protests but Maria claims Liam would have agreed.

Emily‘s niece Freda arrives and meets Ramsay who tries out his sign language on her. She also introduces Emily and Ramsay to her fiancé via webcam and reveals that he has an interesting past.

Also, Luke indulges Rosie‘s design idea for a thong and agrees to produce a sample; Joe learns that he has to replace some worktops he fitted, desperate and unable to cope he asks Graeme for one more painkillers.