Greg feels neglected and tells Tanya he wants Cora and Rainie out of the house. Tanya cancels a lunch date with Max and takes Greg up to the bedroom to keep him happy. Tanya is shaken when Cora reveals she knows Tanya’s marriage is rocky and says it’s clear that Tanya doesn’t love Greg…

Carol wakes up at Eddie’s house. Tyler and Anthony tease her about spending the night with their dad and, embarrassed, she tells Eddie not to bother calling her. Eddie tries to make it up to Carol by bringing her flowers and booking a fancy meal, but Carol insists she won’t be won over. Eddie won’t give up. Later that evening the Moon brothers are surprised to return home and find Eddie and Carol in the dark under a blanket!

Lola short-changes customers at the cafe to make some extra money. Poppy realises Lola’s short-changed her and when Phil overhears he fires her. Lola plays on Billy’s sympathies and claims she stole the money so they could have something nice for dinner. Julie is not so easily fooled, but Billy is angry with Julie for being unsupportive.

Also, Phil tries to buy Janine’s share in the club, but she refuses. Ian pretends to Cheryl he’s got Jane’s ashes!