Daniel impresses Mrs Tembe with his Christian values but Zara is left concerned when she overhears them talking and fears he’s being genuinely converted. Then, when Zara suggests visiting friends for the weekend, she’s put out when Daniel reminds her about going to church – they have to take this seriously adding that it was her idea!

Al’s feeling much better since his visit to Derrick the Dentist and, that afternoon, meets Fliss Henning and mum Grace, who’s worried her daughter has leukaemia. As Al examines Fliss, the girl insists she’s not ill, being bullied or abused. When Grace returns, Al reassures her – self-diagnosis is a dangerous thing and Fliss seems fine but he asks her to come back and see him if she needs to talk – is Fliss holding something back? 

Later, when Jimmi says he’d like Al to meet Hermione, Al puts his foot in it by asking if she’ll be around long, after all it wasn’t so long ago he was shacked up with Jas! Annoyed, Jimmi walks out!

Also, love is in the air when Chris helps supervise a basketball game at the Youth Club – but is everything as it seems?