Daniel’s so confident he’s got the job at the Weatherley Centre that he starts to pack up his desk. Later, when Doctor Vinton calls saying he didn’t get it, Daniel assumes it’s because of a bad reference from Julia. But when he storms into her office demanding to see it, he’s surprised to find it’s complimentary.

Angry, Julia suggests Vinton found out about Daniel’s past via the internet. Daniel finally makes contact with Vinton, who indeed admits that he had Googled him and decided he was unsuitable. Devastated, Daniel despairs to Zara that not only has he lost out on that job, but he’s burned his bridges at The Mill, too.

Meanwhile, Ruth is in a panic about the gala, madly trying to fix the disgusting leotards. When Immie is impressed by Ruth’s routine but not her outift, she offers to help – and disappears with the costume and a smile…

Also, an offensively ageist patient causes Charlie to miss a potentially lethal condition, but can he track down the patient before it’s too late?

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