At the Hollyoaks High talent show, Danny and Sam patch things up and George confronts Danny backstage, unaware that Sienna has messed with the sound board. Everyone in the audience hears Danny say that he’s bisexual – including the Lomaxes.

A desperate Danny turns up at the garage again but George makes it clear that he doesn’t want to get involved. Later, Ziggy tells George to go for it; not knowing who he’s encouraging George to have an affair with. Elsewhere, Tom warns Peri that Sienna is trying to split her family up like she did to the Osbornes, but Peri won’t listen.

A reluctant Holly starts her first day at the bar dressed in a skimpy outfit and can’t help but be charmed by her boss, Rick. Meanwhile, diabetic Jason is struggling to keep his strength up. Holly needs money now and attempts to steal from the till, but Rick catches her.

Dennis is suspicious about Blessing’s shifty attitude when his iPod goes missing so he turns up at The Dog, where Blessing has planned a surprise birthday party, flanked by two police officers.