Has David killed Beth?

David babysits Beth when Sarah goes to see the wedding photographer but he leaves the young girl to amuse herself while he chats to Darryl in the garden. When he goes back into the house he’s horrified to discover that Beth has eaten one of the ecstasy tablets that he’d hidden inside her doll. A panicking David tries to make Beth sick but by the time Sarah gets home, Beth is convulsing. Sarah calls an ambulance, while a terrified David looks on.

Tyrone is forced to apologise to Paul over his accusation but he knows that Paul is up to something and outplaying him at every step. Meanwhile, Leanne is suspicious when she overhears Paul tell the bank to send all future correspondence to the restaurant.

Hayley’s refusal to tell Christian the truth about his parentage is driving her and Roy apart. The tension at home spills over into her work when the normally placid Hayley snaps at the surprised factory girls.

Also, a lonely Violet spends time with Jamie when Sean goes out on another date with Marcus.

*Second episode*

Beth is in a critical condition in hospital and the doctors ask Sarah what she’s been eating and whether she could have come into contact with any drugs. A shocked Sarah confesses that she wasn’t with Beth when she fell ill, but she is sure that Beth couldn’t have got hold of anything untoward. David realises that unless he confesses the truth, Beth may die, and he admits that she took an ecstasy pill. The family are stunned as the doctors do their best to save Beth’s life.

Hayley and Roy are still at odds but they’re avoiding talking things through. Hayley makes an attempt to carry on as normal and she books a day off on Friday to celebrate Roy�s birthday, but it’s clear that she’s not ready to move on from Christian.

Tyrone is irritated when he’s forced to help out with the delivery of the swish new reclining chair that Paul has bought for Jack and Vera. Paul receives a hero’s welcome from his delighted grandparents when he arrives home, while a quietly fuming Tyrone looks on.

Also, Jamie asks Violet to accompany him to his now tee-total mum’s wedding.