Has David killed Gail?

Gail feels guilty that David has split up with Tina and she talks to Audrey about it in the cafe. Becky overhears them talking about an abortion and assumes that they mean Sarah. Becky wastes no time in telling Jason, who is horrified and storms over to the Platts. Gail placates Jason but as Jason leaves, David walks in, now convinced that something is being kept from him. David is stunned when Gail confesses about Tina’s abortion and, in a rage, he pushes Gail down the stairs… Michelle tries to be supportive about Ryan’s decision to have contact with Nick and she goes into town to buy him a gift to say thank you for being so grown up about the whole situation. But when Nick later turns up at the pub to see Ryan, Michelle finds it difficult to cope. Kirk visits Chesney in a foster home and is devastated to see how upset he is. Kirk suggests they make a run for it, but Chesney sadly points out that it will just cause more trouble. Also, Kelly confesses to being the factory thief; Carla is angry with Tony for trying to buy Liam out of the factory and Tony is irritated by her closeness to Liam. *Second episode, 8.30pm* Gail lies motionless at the bottom of the stairs. A horrified David is convinced that she is dead and he does a runner out of the back door. Audrey is concerned that David hasn’t returned to the salon after lunch and pops over to the Platt’s to find him, only to discover an unconscious Gail. Meanwhile, David hurries over to Tina’s and reveals that he knows about the abortion, but he begs an unconvinced Tina to run away with him. David gets a call from Audrey telling him that Gail is in hospital and he’s relieved she’s alive, but wracked with guilt. Carla returns home to find that Tony has tried to make things up to her by preparing a romantic candle-lit dinner. Tony tries to find out more about Carla’s close relationship with Liam and asks if there has ever been anything between them. Carla admits that they have kissed in the past and Tony plays it cool. But when he goes into the kitchen he’s unable to contain his anger and he smashes the wine glasses in the sink… Also, Paul is shocked when Leanne confesses she wants to sell the restaurant; Carla sacks Kelly, but Vicki helps her get her job back.