Has David really fallen for Nicola?

David lets his true feelings for Nicola slip to Pollard when Pollard confronts him about their relationship. Pollard reminds David to keep his eye on her cash potential and not let his heart rule his head. David, however, is upset when Nicola makes it clear that she’ll sleep with Donald if she has to and he dumps her. But later it’s clear to David that Nicola has fallen for him too and they pledge to be together.

Val misreads a Woolpack delivery order and Diane has a go at her. Jonny sees her upset and he tells her to make an appointment with an optician but he’s confused by her insistence that nothing is wrong. Val eventually admits that she’s got it into her head that her sudden eyesight problems could be a brain tumour. Jonny keeps Val’s secret from Paul.

Victoria is curious when Daz smiles over a text and she wonders who it’s from. Later, Scarlett tells Victoria that she and Daz are seeing each other. Victoria is jealous when she sees them getting cosy in the cafe and tries to make out that Daz is only after Scarlett for her money, but Daz soon sets her straight.

Also, Donna is now officially Pc Dingle!