Has David ruined his chances with Carol?

David plots to wheedle his way back into Carol’s affections, hauling himself out of bed when he hears Carol and Masood laughing downstairs. Hoping to play on Carol’s sympathy, David suggests he move to a mate’s and is taken aback when it misfires and she agrees! Deciding to work on the kids, David is pleased when Tiff and Morgan are sad to hear he’s leaving. Meanwhile, Whitney and Liam find out from Peter about David’s history with Ian and Peter’s mum Cindy and are appalled.

After Liam and Whitney confront David about his feud with Ian, David prepares to leave. He tells Carol he wishes he’d been a better father and granddad. When Carol notices David has taken a family photo with him her heartstrings are tugged, asking him to stay until Bianca returns home. David is secretly smug.

Fatboy is thrown when Poppy mentions she’s been looking into them buying a house together in the suburbs near her parents. Ignoring Fatboy’s reservations about leaving Walford, Poppy insists they’ll have a better life. Poppy is shocked when Fatboy insists it’s not what he wants, so she finishes with him!

Also, Sharon’s annoyed when Dot takes all the credit for the jumble sale fundraiser.