Has David ruined his custody chances?

David’s nervous as he prepares for Max’s custody hearing and suggests to Callum that they sort out access to Max between them. But Callum’s not interested, telling him he’ll see him in court. David’s lawyer paints him as the doting dad but David’s good mood is short-lived when Callum’s lawyer launches a character assassination, dragging up his criminal past. As Callum’s lawyer lists all David’s past misdemeanours he flips and lashes out.

Faye begs Anna to let her stay another night at No 4. Tim assures Anna it’s fine, but Sally’s put out when Tim invites Anna to join them for dinner.

Tony deliberately lets slip to Steve that he and Liz would like to move to Spain, but Liz feels she can’t as she has to look after Steve.

Zeedan’s furious when Tony tells him Leanne fights all his battles and vows to get revenge. As Carla and Nick try out canapés for Michelle’s wedding reception, Erica clocks their chemistry so invites Nick to join her at her ante natal class.