Has David turned over a new leaf?

Joe is laid up on the sofa and Gail enjoys fussing round him. Tina is stunned when Joe tells him that he loves Gail and wants to stay put, but she suspects that he’s taking the easy option. Len hears about Joe’s accident and asks Gary to fit the kitchens in Joe’s stead. Joe is unimpressed with Len’s interference, especially when Gail turns up with Jason after asking him to help out. As they talk it through, David makes a surprise appearance…

Peter brings Simon home from hospital and takes him round to the Barlows to see his rabbit Leanne in his new hutch. Peter then apologises to Michelle for the disastrous date and asks her for a second chance, but he’s left frustrated when Michelle refuses to commit either way.

Norris wants Sophie to mop the Kabin floor as her penance for stealing sweeties as a child. Rita thinks Sophie shouldn’t bother, but Sophie is happy to do her punishment. Meanwhile, Mary suggests to Norris that they go travelling around Peru, but he’s more in favour of the Lake District!

Also, Sally is irritated when Molly looks over the garage account books; Anna talks Roy into giving her a job in the cafe.

*Second episode, 8.30pm*

Len smugly tells David that Gary’s going to be working for Joe, but David remains uncannily calm. David tells Gail and Joe that he’s turned over a new leaf and wants an end to all the fighting. Gail’s not sure whether to believe him but is left with little choice. David begs Tina to give him another chance, but is gutted when she turns him down. David watches Tina stumble into Gary as she shows him how to work the sticking door on Joe’s van and he seethes.

Peter is jealous when he sees Michelle having a laugh with Luke in the pub and he wrongly assumes they’re on a date. Peter petulantly tells Michelle the flowers he bought her are in the bin. Michelle’s fed up with his childish behaviour while Peter battles his desire to hit the bottle again.

Eileen points out to Paula how Julie and Jason seem to be very close. Eileen is confused when Paula looks shocked and leaves in a hurry.

Also, Molly’s annoyed when she discovers Sally’s drawing a wage from the garage for keeping the books; Tara buys Darryl an expensive watch for his birthday on Dev’s credit card; Jason tries to drum up interest in a 10k charity run.

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