Has Dex passed his exams?

Dex struggles with the prospect of receiving bad uni results, especially since Indi and April have received such good marks. He confides in Marilyn that he’s afraid his accident has stopped him from achieving.

After her failed friendship with Holly, Maddy apologises to Sasha and Spencer and they understand. However, Maddy feels annoyed after witnessing Sasha and Spencer’s strong connection. She quickly turns things into an argument with Spencer and later Maddy confesses to Roo that she really wants to be in a relationship with him. Maddy notices Spencer looking at Sasha the way he used to look at her and accuses Spencer of having feelings for Sasha. Later, Dex tells Spencer to take things further with Sasha.

Harvey overhears Indi’s need for staff at the gym. Indi doesn’t want to hurt Harvey’s feelings, but she doesn’t want him there. Assuring Indi he’ll let Harvey down gently, John bluntly tells him that he is hopeless at running the gym. Hurt, Harvey concludes that John was stitching him up. When confronted John declares they should have a “fit-off” to see who the better man for the job is.

John wins the challenge but throws his back out. Despite ending up in hospital, John refuses to concede defeat. Sasha recommends Spencer for the gym job and Indi interviews him.