A bumbling Dennis realises his mistake immediately and tries to redeem himself as Blessing is lead away by the police. She’s eventually released and Dennis begs her forgiveness, but Blessing asks Dennis if they can take their relationship slowly.

Still reeling from yesterday’s revelation at the Hollyoaks High talent show, Leela refuses to believe that her dad’s bi-sexual and is appalled when she finds out about John Paul and that Sam, Ste and Peri knew about it. Elsewhere, Ziggy worries when George reveals that Danny is his secret man. Later, a confused Leela turns up at the garage and sleeps with Ziggy.

As Jason’s condition deteriorates, a sleazy Rick sweet-talks Holly and leans in for a kiss. She bats him off before Jason bursts through the door and then collapses.

Also, Carmel is delighted when she hears that John Paul is coming home tomorrow.