Has Dodger killed Will?

Theresa leaves the brothers alone at the graveside, but left alone, Will tells Dodger the real reason he married Texas – so he couldn’t have her. Dodger explodes with anger and pushes his brother into an open grave. He starts to shovel dirt on top of him, before Dirk arrives.

When Dr. Browning speaks to Jim, he thinks Jim knows about him killing Lynsey and unintentionally reveals all. Jim is stunned to learn the dark secret at the heart of the McQueens, that Theresa killed Calvin.

Patrick declares his love for Maxine, to Sienna’s horror. Full of spite, Sienna decides to trick Darren into finding Nancy’s stash of pills and feels in control again – like father, like daughter…

Also, time is ticking, but will anybody find Jason before it’s too late? Sienna’s scheming starts to fall apart.