Has Donna finally found her father?

Donna receives a letter in the post from a man who she thinks could be her father. But after everything she’s been through in the past, she’s terrified that she’ll ruin another relationship. She’s too scared to open it and read what’s inside. However, with the help of her friends, she finds the courage to reveal the contents.

Donna arranges to meet Nick, but when it finally comes to seeing him, she gets cold feet and falters at the final hurdle. Is Donna’s dream of being able to meet her father truly a thing of the past, or can she eventually beat her demons?

Susan is still injured, and she’s finding herself constantly bored with nothing to do in the house. She can’t do any of her usual hobbies, and so she decides that she needs to find something that she can do in her spare time. Karl and Toadie think she should occupy herself by doing some adult education courses.

However, Zeke’s not too impressed when he finds out that Susan has enrolled in classes at Eden Hills University. He’s dismayed at the thought of having her hanging around. Will Susan make his new university life a complete nightmare?

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