Following her change of heart over design school, Donna is getting fed up of her friends and family trying to convince her to go. She decides not to go to the fashion conference at Lassiter’s and goes to see Andrew instead.

Andrew is also determined to make Donna see sense and convinces her to go to the conference. When Donna bumps into Linsday, who she met when she was an intern for Saffron, she is surprised to hear that she has a new collection out. However, when Lindsay tells her that if it wasn’t for Ringo she’d never have been able to stand up to Saffron and start her own collection, Donna gets upset.

Lucas is starting to find it tough being around a loved-up Kate and Mark. He heads to the pub alone and, going through his phone, he calls everyone he can think of. Just as he’s about to give up he gets a call from his friend, Billy who he met in rehab after his bike accident.

The pair plan a night out but when Lucas says he is short on cash, Billy offers him a deal; to store some merchandise for him in return for cash. Lucas isn’t sure what he is storing and asks if it’s dodgy.

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