Has Doug lost Ste forever?

It’s the morning of their wedding and Ste’s suspicious of Doug, but when he follows him he overhears Doug and Shawnee planning to take down Brendan. Furious, he storms away, has Doug lost him forever?

Doug goes to see Brendan and is delighted when he records him confessing to Danny Houston’s murder… He heads back to the flat where Texas and Leanne are determined to get him to the wedding, but will Ste turn up? He’s surprised when he does and Doug couldn’t be happier as they tie the knot. However, it doesn’t last long when his new husband finds the recording of Brendan on his phone.

Myra finds Rhys sneaking out and gives him money to get far away, after the wedding. He gives Cindy one more chance to go with him – will she take him up on his offer?

Maddie is upset when Callum arrives and, overwhelmed by Jono’s flattery, kisses the groom-to-be with Esther watching in the back-ground! She warns Esther she’ll destroy her if she spills!