Has Drew totally blown it?

Drew is desperate to get Belle back after his random snog at the party, but she’s sick of giving him second chances. Finally, he convinces her to meet him at lunchtime so he can explain, but his plans are thwarted when a disagreement with Naomi lands him in a detention at school. Belle is furious when Drew fails to show, and isn’t prepared to listen to his excuses anymore.

Feeling spiteful, Belle steals Drew’s assignment, getting him into trouble with Naomi and Dan who refuse to believe he handed it in. Angry and hurt, he decides to quit school for good. When Belle hears the news, she admits what she’s done, but Drew stands by his decision.

Brad confronts Naomi over her affair with Lucas. She explains she didn’t know he was a student, and ended the relationship as soon as she found out. She’s terrified her whole career is at risk when Brad announces his intention to investigate further. Meanwhile, Jack rants about Naomi to Martha, but is overheard by a shocked Colleen…

After a word with Lucas, Brad decides to let Naomi off the hook. But her joy is short lived and she’s shocked to see the local paper’s headline: “Local teacher in sex scandal with student.”

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